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MKCOL creates a new collection resource at the location specified by the Request-URI. If the Request-URI is already mapped to a resource, then the MKCOL MUST fail. During MKCOL processing, a server MUST make the Request-URI an internal member of its parent collection, unless the Request-URI is "/". If no such ancestor exists, the method MUST fail. When the MKCOL operation creates a new collection resource, all ancestors MUST already exist, or the method MUST fail with a 409 (Conflict) status code. For example, if a request to create collection /a/b/c/d/ is made, and /a/b/c/ does not exist, the request must fail.

When MKCOL is invoked without a request body, the newly created collection SHOULD have no members.

A MKCOL request message may contain a message body. The precise behavior of a MKCOL request when the body is present is undefined, but limited to creating collections, members of a collection, bodies of members, and properties on the collections or members. If the server receives a MKCOL request entity type it does not support or understand, it MUST respond with a 415 (Unsupported Media Type) status code. If the server decides to reject the request based on the presence of an entity or the type of an entity, it should use the 415 (Unsupported Media Type) status code.

This method is idempotent, but not safe (see Section 9.1 of [RFC2616]). Responses to this method MUST NOT be cached.

MKCOL Status Codes

In addition to the general status codes possible, the following status codes have specific applicability to MKCOL:

201 (Created) - The collection was created.

403 (Forbidden) - This indicates at least one of two conditions: 1) the server does not allow the creation of collections at the given location in its URL namespace, or 2) the parent collection of the Request-URI exists but cannot accept members.

405 (Method Not Allowed) - MKCOL can only be executed on an unmapped URL.

409 (Conflict) - A collection cannot be made at the Request-URI until one or more intermediate collections have been created. The server MUST NOT create those intermediate collections automatically.

415 (Unsupported Media Type) - The server does not support the request body type (although bodies are legal on MKCOL requests, since this specification doesn't define any, the server is likely not to support any given body type).

507 (Insufficient Storage) - The resource does not have sufficient space to record the state of the resource after the execution of this method.

Example - MKCOL

This example creates a collection called /webdisc/xfiles/ on the server


  MKCOL /webdisc/xfiles/ HTTP/1.1 


  HTTP/1.1 201 Created 
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