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   Overwrite = "Overwrite" ":" ("T" | "F")

The Overwrite request header specifies whether the server should overwrite a resource mapped to the destination URL during a COPY or MOVE. A value of "F" states that the server must not perform the COPY or MOVE operation if the destination URL does map to a resource. If the overwrite header is not included in a COPY or MOVE request, then the resource MUST treat the request as if it has an overwrite header of value "T". While the Overwrite header appears to duplicate the functionality of using an "If-Match: *" header (see [RFC2616]), If-Match applies only to the Request-URI, and not to the Destination of a COPY or MOVE.

If a COPY or MOVE is not performed due to the value of the Overwrite header, the method MUST fail with a 412 (Precondition Failed) status code. The server MUST do authorization checks before checking this or any conditional header.

All DAV-compliant resources MUST support the Overwrite header.

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