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   Depth = "Depth" ":" ("0" | "1" | "infinity")

The Depth request header is used with methods executed on resources that could potentially have internal members to indicate whether the method is to be applied only to the resource ("Depth: 0"), to the resource and its internal members only ("Depth: 1"), or the resource and all its members ("Depth: infinity").

The Depth header is only supported if a method's definition explicitly provides for such support.

The following rules are the default behavior for any method that supports the Depth header. A method may override these defaults by defining different behavior in its definition.

Methods that support the Depth header may choose not to support all of the header's values and may define, on a case-by-case basis, the behavior of the method if a Depth header is not present. For example, the MOVE method only supports "Depth: infinity", and if a Depth header is not present, it will act as if a "Depth: infinity" header had been applied.

Clients MUST NOT rely upon methods executing on members of their hierarchies in any particular order or on the execution being atomic unless the particular method explicitly provides such guarantees.

Upon execution, a method with a Depth header will perform as much of its assigned task as possible and then return a response specifying what it was able to accomplish and what it failed to do.

So, for example, an attempt to COPY a hierarchy may result in some of the members being copied and some not.

By default, the Depth header does not interact with other headers. That is, each header on a request with a Depth header MUST be applied only to the Request-URI if it applies to any resource, unless specific Depth behavior is defined for that header.

If a source or destination resource within the scope of the Depth header is locked in such a way as to prevent the successful execution of the method, then the lock token for that resource MUST be submitted with the request in the If request header.

The Depth header only specifies the behavior of the method with regards to internal members. If a resource does not have internal members, then the Depth header MUST be ignored.

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