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Caching Matters
What are the advantages of caching data?  How do you cache data?  And what are the different kinds of available caching strategies?
Code On Demand
Making use of Code on Demand (COD).
Designing URIs This page captures thoughts and ideas on how to design URIs for WOA/RESTful web-services and applications.  Technically, URI design is irrelevant as all URIs should be discovered through request-response exchanges between the user agent and the server.  However, in practice, well designed URIs have been conducive to good architecture.
Resources and Representations
Introduction to the differences between a resource and its representation.
The Hypermedia Scale
When it comes to hypermedia, there are various levels of capabilities.  This article is a first attempt at categorizing hypermedia types according to their expressive power.
Why HTTP Isn't A Transport Protocol
Learn about the real purpose of HTTP.
HTTP i18N Patterns
Patterns for HTTP internationalization.
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